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Abe Braha, Founder

Abe is a seasoned sales and business development professional with a track record in sales and business development. With over a decade of experience, his passion lies in quickly building successful and scalable SDR teams.

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Fractional SDR Manager (Custom)

Fractional SDR Manager (Custom)

Custom Pricing

month (contract length minimum 6 months)

Explode your pipeline!

Full GTM Strategy

System Development & Implementation

Icebreaker will lead hiring & training your in-house SDRs

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For small businesses

Outsourced Sales Rep + Fractional SDR Manager


month (contract length minimum 6 months)

Professional Outsourced SDR

Full GTM Strategy

System Development & Implementation

Full time cold outreach done by an Icebreaker trained SDR

About us

At Icebreaker, we specialize in fast SDR team building, offering customized recruitment and hiring, training and onboarding, KPI-driven performance tracking, effective workflow building (including CRM and other SDR tools), and ongoing support to ensure sustained and scalable success.

Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of services to boost your sales success. Our offerings include comprehensive training programs, customized sales playbooks and a ton of other products that help your sales team sharpen their skills, excel in cold outreach, engage effectively with prospects, maximize conversion rates, and achieve revenue growth.